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Strategies to Manage Pain...

Lovejoy-Evans, Dr. Loraine

Adults who are looking for ways to reduce pain and swelling will find answers in this book. Physical therapy exercises help build strength and improve function so people can live a full, comfortable life. These strategies can reduce the need to access the healthcare system and keep people living independently.


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Loraine Lovejoy-Evans’ book imparts brilliant life changing wisdom in an easy to read, accessible, practical text that will change lives for the better! After chronically misusing my body through overuse and goal-focused impatience, I began to have muscle strains at the slightest provocation. Lovejoy-Evans techniques for realignment, starting slowly and Re educating the body’s systems has helped me resolve this situation, helping me to recover quickly when I go too fast, and more importantly has helped me slow down and do things in a loving, kind, healthy way for my body. This book is like a million dollar tool kit for those willing to follow the simple directions and exercises. The author’s narrative style is clear, intelligent, and sometimes hilarious! A wonderful gift for yourself or anyone else motivated to avoid nursing homes and remain at home by learning how to best utilize our body energy through thoughtful movements and choices. Grateful for this info, for myself and my 82 year old mother!


Dr. Loraine Lovejoy-Evans, MPT, DPT, CLT-Földi, has a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Dr. Lovejoy-Evans also has a master’s degree and a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, where she has taught as an adjunct faculty member. She has taught continuing education courses for edema (swelling) management, alignment techniques to reduce pain, and wound care across the country. She enjoys lecturing to healthcare professionals as well as community members, and manages her website and blog at

Working in a variety of settings in the healthcare field since 1993 has helped her learn many techniques and exercises to reduce pain and improve function. Job sites have included working in her private practice, Independence Through Physical Therapy, outpatient clinics, inpatient hospitals, adult day-care programs, skilled nursing facilities, and home health. 

She lives with her husband, Eric, and their dog, Salish, in Port Angeles, Washington, a few hours from Seattle. They enjoy spending time with family and exploring the area, walking on the beach, and hiking with Salish. Loraine loves to cook, read, watch movies, play board games, look at the stars, and both she and Eric enjoy music. She enjoys playing the piano, violin, guitar, and singing.

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