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RJR:  Calf

Treatment for knee pain, ankle and foot pain often involves treating the calf.  The Restriction Indicators (RI)s are on the back side of the calf.  Poke around the bulk of the muscle on the inside back and outside back of the gastrocnemius or calf muscle.  Find the RI that is the most tender and keep it marked but do not put any pressure on this RI.  Begin moving the foot by pointing the toes down and then recheck the RI with the same direction and same amount of force.  If it is getting better keep pointing the toes down farther.  Recheck the RI with each position change.  Keep adding tilting and twisting of the foot until the RI is as close to 0/10 as possible.  Keep the pressure holding the foot but don't keep any pressure on the RI.  However, maintain position with the RI so you can check it again once you are done. 



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