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RJR Front of Spine

After treating the pubic bone on all sides and the pelvis, work up to the front of the spine.  These positions vary slightly for the front of the spine depending on the level.  The higher up on the body the tender point is the more of the neck and head you will need to bend forward from.  The lower part of the body will require more bending at the hips and pelvis.  It is best to look for the tender points on the front of the spine about an inch off to the side from the belly button up to the collar bone.  Also look underneath the rib cage just below the breast bone.  Once you find the tender point or restriction indicator, find the best position to reduce the tenderness as much as possible.  Stay in that particular position for 90 seconds.  Slowly come back to neutral and check the restriction indicator again.  Check both sides and do this 2 times a day and anytime pain increases. 


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