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RJR:  Kneecap

When knee pain is present you can often reduce pain by improving the alignment of the skeleton and therefore the knee joint.  I always start by treating the pubic bone, then the pelvis and the spine.  After I have worked on those areas then I work down to the knee.  There are several Restriction Indicators (RI)s around the knee.  The easiest to treat is the kneecap.  The RIs are around the edge of the kneecap pushing back toward the center of the kneecap rather than pushing down into the leg.  Once you have located the worst tender spot slide the kneecap over the RI until the tender spot turns off and stay for 90 seconds.  Keep your finger on RI but don't put any pressure on it once the RI is turned off.  Maintain contact with this area so you can recheck it once the 90 seconds is finished. 

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