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Doctor Lovejoy-Evans’ Lecture Series Topic List 2020

Jan 8    Controlling Knee pain without medication or surgery.

Feb 12   Treat your own back and other joint, muscle, and nerve pain without medication or surgery.


Mar 11   Strengthening the inner core and pelvic floor to reduce incontinence, sleep better, improve memory, and reduce pain.

Cancelled due to Covid

  Managing swelling problems:  Venous or vein insufficiency, lymphedema and orthopedic injuries.  Learn Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage technique.

  Learning specialized compression bandaging instruction for managing swelling problems.

  Treating fibromyalgia, a successful case study.

   Understanding the fight or flight reactions and relaxation via the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.  

    Strengthortunity:  Building strength functionally.

  Controlling headaches and joint pain without medication or surgery.

   Understanding lymphatic system failure and the importance of proper skincare, and signs of cancer.

  The confessions of an overuser and how to treat and stop tendinitis.

   Self-treatment for stress and ways to get through the holidays.

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