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The easiest RI to locate on the body is the front of the pubic bone.  Lie down on the bed with your legs straight and push into the body from the front pushing toward the back moving down from the belly button toward your feet until you find the pubic bone.  It is the lowest bone on the front part of the body.  Another way to find this bone is to bend the leg and follow the crease at the front of the thigh to the middle of the body.  The bone or firm surface that stops you is the pubic bone.  Find the front of the pubic bone pushing straight in toward your back or toward the bed.  There are two pubic bones, one on each side.  The front surface is a little bigger than the size of a quarter.  


You may find that this bone is quite tender.  Poke with your fingertip until you find the point that hurts the most.  This is your RI for the front of the pubic bone.  Keep this marked with your fingertip but stop pushing into the body.  Rate this tender point 0-1/10 with 10/10 being the worst pain imaginable.  Keep your fingertip on this spot precisely and do not move it until completely does with the RJR technique.  With each movement change check for the RI in the same direction and with the same amount of pressure each time.  Keep holding the RI for the front of the pubic bone then look for the right movement combination to turn it off.

Movement Combination

Bend both knees and push the front of the pubic bone again.  This motion of bending may have helped to reduce the tenderness.  Next motion is to drop the bent knees toward the side of the RI.  If the right RI hurts then bring the knees to the right.  Push the RI again.  Ideally, this is now less tender.  Now slide the top leg up on top of the bottom leg.  Push on the RI again.  With each position change, you are checking the RI to see if the tenderness is reduced.  Continue changing positions of the legs until you find the movement combination that gets you to as close to 0/10 or no tenderness and only pressure when the RI is pushed.


Treatment is actually occurring while staying in this precise movement combination for 90 seconds.  While in this position keep the body parts quiet and relaxed, making sure to not tense the muscles.  Use pillows to help support the legs if needed.  If the position is uncomfortable try backing off and find a position that is tolerable.  After 90 seconds come out of that position and recheck the RI in the same direction with the same amount of pressure.  Then do your post-test and determine if any changes are noticed.  Try this on the opposite side.  Check for an RI and see if you can turn it off with the movement combination listed above.  Then stay for 90 seconds and see if any changes were made with this technique.

RJR: Left pubic front

RJR: Right front pubic bone


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