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Review my new book

I am happy to announce that my book, No Nursing Home For Me: Strategies to manage pain, improve functional mobility, and keep you living independently is available on Amazon. You will need to download the Kindle App to read the ebook.

The book is listed at $1.99 due to the size (larger book with graphics) but you can purchase it at this discounted price for a limited time.

Here is the link to the ebook:

Eventually, after a few weeks, it will be available to purchase as print-on-demand so you can buy a paper copy if you would like. I am not sure what the price will be after this limited-time offer.

I would be thrilled if you would purchase the book for $1.99, download it, read it or at least a part of it, and write a review. Here are some of the guidelines the publisher suggests to make sure your review is acceptable to Amazon.

1. Scroll through the kindle copy of the book until at least the middle. 2. Wait 3-4 days after purchase to review the ebook 3. Sometimes, people personally connected to me on Facebook are bounced 4. Avoid referencing a personal friendship or familial relationship with me in the review. Client relationships are fine.

I would love it if you have time to read the entire book and review it but if you have limited time pick a chapter or two and read it, then you can write a review on it.

In order to leave a review, you must have purchased 50$ worth of goods or books from Amazon in the past 12 months.

It means a lot to me that you are willing to do this on my behalf.

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