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The front of the spine causes back pain!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

When the muscles on the front of the spine are in a spasm because the nerve is telling them to fire continuously, this causes the back to be pulled forward. The first photo of Gary shows him bent forward at his hips. The second photo shows him standing up straighter after a simple exercise to release the pubic bone. This horse and thinker exercise works like a bowstring being loosened. By putting the muscle on a slack, the nerve can calm down, then the muscle can lengthen back to neutral and the bones can slide back where they are supposed to be. The photo of the skeleton shows how this muscle can pull the leg toward the back and the back toward the leg. The horse and thinker stretch can help with pain all over the body. Try it and see if any symptoms you are having are relieved by doing this exercise.

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